The sandbox for the cryptocurrency and the blockchain will start the initiative in the regions of Russia

Sandbox for startups in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain will be launched soon in the initiative regions of Russia.

This was stated by Dmitry Sazonov, the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship, coordinator of the Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies at an open seminar for journalists «Blockchain technology: perspectives and legislative regulation», which was held in Moscow at the press center of «parliamentary newspaper».

Dmitry Sazonov:

«Since we are talking about piloting, pilot projects, I think there is an important initiative of the regions themselves. From the point of view of remoteness of the territories, each region should explore the benefits. There are all sorts of technological features, for example, in the field of mining – there is heat energy as a side effect of this activity».

According to Sazonov, Udmurtia, Sarapul, Irkutsk – city, in which free generation – is ready to provide power to mining farms.

According to Aleksey Mostovshchikov, the Chairman of the Expert Council on economy and entrepreneurship of the Youth Parliament, the State Duma, the Governor of Kaliningrad Artem Alikhanov interested in the development of mining in the enclave. The authorities are ready to lower electricity rates and make a kind of free zone for miners. In addition, today in Kaliningrad social benefits transferred to the blockchain.

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