The SEC filed applications for three new Bitcoin ETF

New applications for the creation of the ETF is tied to the cryptocurrencies, followed by the launch of futures trading for bitcoin on the CBOE. Obviously, the important industry event fueled interest in bitcoin and contributed to the resumption of attempts to create a Bitcoin ETF, which previously were not successful.

According to the EDGAR system of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC), have been new proposals for creating VanEck Vectors ETF Strategy Bitcoin and Bitcoin ETF Strategy REX and REX Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF. Application REX dated 8 December, and VanEck — 11 Dec.

As reported, bids from these firms were recalled earlier this year in response to SEC policy, which was to disregard such requests until the appearance on the market of derivative financial instruments.

«Representatives of the SEC noted that the policy of the Commission not to consider applications for the registration of funds, the underlying instruments of which are not yet available,» said assistant chief legal adviser VanEck, Matthew Babinski (Matthew Babinsky) at the end of September. REX made the same statement a month later.

However, after the launch of futures on the CBOE, the company decided that the time has come. The opening trade was marked by a boost
the price of bitcoin and the fall
site CBOE. Subsequent reports indicate that the self-adjusting automatic CBOE triggers that suspend trading during large price fluctuations, was activated a few hours after the start of trading futures.

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