The second half of the stolen tokens NEM could be laundered through the darknet

According to recent reports, hackers exchange Coincheck in January of this year, most likely, washed all the stolen tokens NEM. In March this year it was reported that half of the stolen funds have already been laundered through the darknet, and now, apparently, hackers have successfully coped with this task and for the second half.

Allegedly, after hacking the hackers created a cryptocurrency exchange in darknet. They used this platform to exchange stolen NEM for other cryptocurrencies. The system accepted payments only in bitcoin and lidoine, the tokens were sold with 15% discount. The system is also fully automated, and it attracted many users, wishing to earn.

The platform was created approximately two weeks after the break-in. Area cared about their users – any buyer could complain if he was having trouble buying stolen NEM. Such requests are processed 48 to 72 hours and, judging by some of the responses, the hackers were not native English speakers.

After the break there was a concerted efforts to restore stolen funds. The NEM Foundation, a nonprofit organization from Singapore, began to track the stolen tokens, and to mention any address associated with the theft. However, apparently, the hackers were one step ahead of the mosaic Protocol tracking Fund. As fraudsters receive payment in bitcoins and lidoine, the system was unable to track a large part of the transaction.

According to reports, the tracking system required about two to three minutes to mark each address. This delay means that the hackers had repeatedly to move funds to multiple accounts to mislead the tracker.

21 Mar NEM Foundation has released an official statement which announced the shutdown of the mosaic capture, from which it follows that the attempt to find the stolen NEM failed. The price of tokens NEM declined sharply since the break, falling by about 75% from 1 dollar to about 25 cents.

Some members of the community called NEM Foundation to carry out hardwork, but so far their requests have not been successful. The Fund’s representatives claimed that the hacking had nothing to do with bloccano NEM and occurred due to breaches in the security system Coincheck.


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