The secret of Google Home: cryptocurrency voice assistant, «Mr. Satoshi»

Google Home — wireless speaker equipped with voice control, hides a secret. Cost say the magic words and you can call Mr. Satoshi cryptocurrency your personal voice assistant.

Different messages are often hidden inside games and programs. Usually, the developers put them there as «jokes for their» pushing gamers to search different combinations and view the submenu for hidden functions. Rockstar Games is known for the fact that I placed a lot of secrets in the game, and Google is not left behind.

One such latest secrets Google already dwells in many homes. It was discovered that speaker Google Home Smart hide cryptocurrency assistant. To trigger it, say the words «OK Google» and then ask to speak with Mr. Satoshi.

«Okay, let’s invite Mr. Satoshi,» answers the speaker. «Hi, I’m Mr. Satoshi,» he adds later. «About what digital currency you want to know?».

Then the voice assistant calls the current prices on any main cryptocurrency of your choice. The appearance of Mr. Satoshi evidence for two trends: the proliferation of cryptocurrencies and a growing cult of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The anonymous Creator of bitcoin has spawned a whole industry of stores, clothing, coins and platforms, is named after Satoshi. Russian brewery even holds the sale of tokens to start your beer Satoshi. On Reddit this week, one user has accepted the proposals related to the bitcoin industry, to name his yacht. Among the recommendations was BTSea, Crypto Current Sea and USS Satoshi Nakamoto.

If the hype around bitcoin not subside, after 20 years, surely you can see a lot of cryptocurrency traders that match the name Satoshi. Launched in 2014 topic on Bitcointalk titled «would name their baby Satoshi for 150 bitcoins?», dragged on for 17 pages.

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