The sellers of the darknet markets have difficulty cashing out bitcoins

The price of BTC reached 19 600 dollars at the end of last year. Today the cost of one coin is around $ 9,000, whereas a year ago it cost just over $ 1,000. Since the value of the cryptocurrency has grown, some early investors became very rich. But there is one group of early users of bitcoin, which nobody likes to speak — the users of the darknet markets.

Regardless of the relationship to them, the darknet markets (DNM) exist. Some well-known bitminer made millions by buying currency shortly after her arrival, but there are also anonymous millionaires, about which people will never know. Operators and sellers of black markets are among the early users of bitcoin since the establishment of the Silk Road market, which was launched in 2011 and closed the FBI in the fall of 2013. After Silk Road darknet sellers have not disappeared, they simply moved to other sites.

According to the report
reporter publications Vice David Gilbert (David Gilbert), many participants in the underground markets received a huge number of bitcoins by selling their goods and services. However cash out these funds for them is not so easy. Gilbert recounts that many of the enriched sellers associated with Swiss banks in an attempt to make it. Some of them even offered to Bank employees 10% of their savings to help them «get out of this situation». Some sellers with darknet markets such as the Wall Street Market, Point market, and others told in detail how they were able to resolve this situation.

One way is to mix the coins and sell them locally to someone who is willing to pay cash for the cryptocurrency. Another way is to purchase prepaid cards for BTC, which offer credits and gift certificates for a wide range of shops. You can also use payment service of Western Union — the seller sends the coins to the platform, which «automatically translate bitcoins via Western Union».

The sellers, who told us about their successes, point out that to achieve the result cannot be rushed and that the process could be «slow and tedious». One of them said that only about 20% of users in this category came up with «innovative ways to cash out cryptocurrency – about 80% sellers black markets do not have a clue how to do it.» He also noted that many of them used the money earned to pay tuition in the universities at once to start to work «under the law».

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