The South Korean company Kakao creates a blockchain platform Ground X

South Korean Internet giant Kakao creates specializing in the blockchain subsidiary Ground X.

According to CEO Joe su-Yong and Yeo Min-soo, the new product will be publicly available and should form the basis for applications developers. In addition, the site plans to use and to integrate future blockchain services with existing Internet-services company – music app Kakaomusic, mobile service Kakaostyle, app for instant payments Kakaopay, the application for a taxi KakaoTaxi, application for instant messaging, KakaoTalk and mobile Bank Kakaoban.

The Ground release X to be held during the year.

«With Kakao 3.0 we will explore the possibilities of our growth, gradually integrating the services of Kakao and companies actively expanding presence in the global market,» said soo-Yeon at the press conference in Seoul.

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