The SPINDLE project will increase the availability of investing in cryptocurrencies

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Japanese investment company, the Black Star Group has significantly expanded the concept of online investment platform. Since the company’s representatives became active participants of the cryptocurrency market, Black Star Group follows the goal is to make investing accessible to a wider audience.

To be more precise, the availability of investment for everyone, regardless of level of education and wealth – the basic idea of the SPINDLE project, which is team Black Star Group. The ZETA platform on which the idea is implemented, is intended to be the bridge by which the world of investing comes a new, not previously involved in this process, individual investors. What is interesting platform for new and experienced market participants, and thereby managing capital and active investment will be available to everyone?

The policy of centralized States and the state banks has long exerted an inordinate influence on the lives of ordinary citizens, and the activities of entrepreneurs. In our rapid time, this dictatorship is becoming more and more irrelevant. Major crises of the last decades, running one after the other, shook the society. The impact of the financial crisis that began in the U.S. in 2007-2008 and covered the whole world, was devastating for many millions of people lost their businesses, jobs, savings, experienced a sharp decline in living standards.

The emerging market of digital currencies, by contrast, shows good growth rates. At that time, a few years ago the blockchain was a term understandable only to a few, it is safe to say that bitcoin is a revolution in the space of financial instruments and payment methods. Its decentralized nature attracts both experienced financiers and newcomers alike.

Using the engineering approach, the Black Star Group designs a new approach to investing, seeking to contribute to a future where more and more people will be able to follow your own definition of wealth and financial independence. SPINDLE and derived from it the ZETA platform will be a platform which will enable investors to make decisions to invest in cryptophony more comfortable than it was before. Based on blockchain technology and smart contracts platform will provide users with maximum transparency of investments and Fund managers and more comfortable working environment.

In the first phase of the system the user SPINDLE will be able to invest in crypto hedge funds, then the platform will expand. In the list of investment tools is planned to be included and contributions to projects that are in the stage of crowdfunding.

Holders of tokens SPINDLE will use the platform for investment and capital management ZETA free and without commissions. Cryptocurrency funds will also be able to join the platform for free. Pay for funds will only service legal audit, if required.

The creators of the SPINDLE has set an important and ambitious goal: to create equal opportunities for both sides of the investment process and to allow those who hold individual views on investing, to follow his ideas without restrictions. However, the SPINDLE tends to return the reins of power in their field of talented economists. During the recent financial crises, they were obliged to regularly disclose their strategies, including investment of innovations can easily be copied by competitors. On the ZETA platform it will happen otherwise: the Manager will be able to choose what information about investment strategies to reveal and what to keep secret.

ICO project SPINDLE will be held from April 29 to may 15, 2018. Most will be released 10 billion tokens SPD. The distribution of tokens in online wallets is scheduled for may.

Unlike most projects that are just starting to develop your product after completion of the ICO, the work SPINDLE applications for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and online wallet is the beginning of 2018. The launch of the beta version of the platform is scheduled immediately after the completion of the campaign to raise funds.

In addition to spending on research, launch and promotion of the project, SPINDLE plans to spend part of the funds collected to the realization of their economic model. The project will be to acquire companies specializing in vintage to sponsor emerging cryptocurrency hedge funds, and to cooperate with other companies and digital currencies.

Read more about the platform SPINDLE can be found on the project website and in chat rooms and channels project to Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

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