The staff of the FSA raided the offices of the exchange Coincheck

2 February, the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) were searched in the premises cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. During the search were seized documents and computer equipment.

A week ago, the exchange Coincheck has been hacked and wallets of users was stolen about $500 million in tokens NEM. Perhaps the regulator suspects that the cause of theft of the token could be part of any of the employees of the exchange.

During a search, inspection a group of 10 employees of the Agency FAS has found out the internal workings of the exchange. The Finance Minister of Japan Taro ASO (Taro Aso) has instructed the Department to ensure full security of the customers of the marketplace.

The hacking of a major Japanese exchange caused in the world cryptocurrency community a storm of outrage. Coincheck according to reports, hackers stole 532 million tokens NEM, which at that time was trading at $0.98 for one NEM.

At the request of the FSA, the management of the exchange Coincheck is required by 13 February, to provide a detailed report on the causes of the incident and planned activities to improve the performance of its systems and services.

The FSA said that previously, such searches were not conducted. Coincheck has become the first company in respect of which was taken such measures. Questions about the financial condition of the exchange the Agency refused to answer.

According to the Agency today, on the territory of Japan was 16 marketplaces, and 15 more have applied and are awaiting adjudication, while continuing to function. All of these companies are also obligated in the near future to provide reports on measures taken to ensure security in the FSA.

FSA also reported that it did not plan to limit or suspend the exchange’s operations. Coincheck will continue to operate normally.

In the NEM Foundation previously reported
several attempts to implement Coincheck stolen from cryptocurrency.

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