The state Duma has proposed to use the blockchain for election in youth parliaments

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev has approved the idea of using the technology of the blockchain in the elections to the youth Parliament.

«The youth Parliament need to actively involve different issues, especially in an experimental platform using new technologies. For bloccano, that is, speaking in Russian, decentralized networks and databases – the future. It is a technology that is beginning to change the world, including it may be helpful in the development of democracy – the future in any way for direct democracy. To test the application bloccano can just at the youth Parliament,» he said.

According to Degtyareva, the blockchain will allow you to participate in the electoral process remotely with the help of the gadget.

«So, for example, sitting at home, using your gadget, completely identifying your personality, you’ll be able to vote in the election. Also on microreference when you need to choose, conventionally, is to plant basswood or poplar on the streets of your city. Such a referendum can be held for 15 minutes and will be legitimate,» he said.

Earlier the state Duma has proposed the use of youth parliaments as experimental grounds for the use of the blockchain for voting.

Also the usefulness of the blockchain on elections of the mayor of Moscow stated in a letter addressed to the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova, the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Vasily Vlasov.

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