The state Duma will consider a bill to regulate cryptocurrency 28 Dec

On 28 December, the Bank of Russia and the RF Ministry of Finance will present a bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, said the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

«We will have a meeting a narrow range where we will put the recent emphasis before the presentation of the bill. Cryptocurrency is defined as other assets, are not allocated any names – bitcoin, eperium» he said.

According to Aksakov submitted version is not the latest version, the bill will be discussed. He also said that the bill on cryptocurrency can be adopted before the end of March.

«We have a period designated by the President to 18 July. Next week will be the presentation of the bill, which will be discussed – obviously, the debate will be the hottest, we have a point of view diametrically opposed, including those that regulate General, nothing. After scoring legal structure there will be a discussion with the participation of professionals, based on which we will formulate the final version of the bill. Time – I think the real first quarter, end of March, because after the legalization of this decision it is necessary to adopt regulations», – said the official.

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