The state of cryptoanalysts Oberland will release its own cryptocurrency

For three years Libelled, the self-proclaimed state located between Serbia and Croatia fighting for their autonomy. In a few months, the country plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, and now accept contributions in BTC, BCH and ETH. Application for obtaining citizenship of Oberland has already allocated half a million people.

However, the question of the borders of Oberland still not resolved, as Croatia contends that 2/5-square-mile uninhabited area that stretches for 7 kilometers along the Danube between Serbia and Croatia, belong to her.

The boundaries of the territory were changed in the 90 years after the civil war in Yugoslavia. At that time the land has passed from Serbia to Croatia. However, neither Serbia, nor Croatia, each for their own reasons, did not want to take this territory.

Oberland declares state status

In 2015, a former economist at the Jedlička Vit (Vit Jedlicka) expressed the desire to buy useless piece of land. Along with three friends, he came up with the flag of the new state, whose President has been elected.

However, despite the fact that at the time Croatia did not want to become the master of the notorious site, now it does not want on its border was located the libertarian state with armed citizens. The Croatian authorities stated that the arrest and fine anyone who tries to enter the territory. When you try to log in Oberland from Croatia were fined himself Edlichka. In total, since the beginning of the disputes in 2015 by the Croatian authorities was punished about 100 people.

During this time, Jedlička able to register in the Internet’s half-million citizens of the new country and appointed the Cabinet Ministers and ambassadors. He said that the case Liberando transferred to a Croatian court and is now awaiting decision.

The lack of taxes and control over the circulation of weapons

Initially, as the official currency Oberland planned to use bitcoin, thus avoiding obligations to pay taxes and gun control.

Funds for the development of the country Edlichka attracted by the rich libertarians and with the help of crowdfunding. He’s already printed passports. All the activities the state carries out through email and Skype. The country includes about 100 legislators from different parts of the world.

The government is going to run based on the blockchain legal system and to provide its residents citizenship through digital contracts. April 13 Oberland plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, called Merit, stating thus his third birthday. Coin Merit will receive all of the citizens of the country automatically becoming the owners of shares in the capital of the state. Government budget Oberland distributed in twelve different currencies.

According to Jedlicki, before becoming President of Oberland, for several years, he worked to lower the tax and regulation in the Czech Republic, but later came to the conclusion that creating a new country will be much easier than to fix an existing one.

Edlichka also said that for some time he worked as an analyst in the financial markets and is therefore well versed in the applicable Liberandum system.

Jedlička does not give up

The last three years Edlichka spent traveling the country in search of representatives of Oberland. He visited 100 different countries, and now citizens of Oberland are the inhabitants of different continents, including Central America, South America and Africa.

Oberland attracts the attention of business owners who are concerned that their companies may be affected by European laws.

Interest Liberando demonstrates cryptocurrency investor Roger Ver. The head of the company Zaha Hadid Architects Patrik Schumacher (Patrik Schumacher) has offered assistance in the development of the future urban landscape. Their support for Liberando also expressed American economic commentator and supporter of Bitcoin Jeffrey Tucker (Jeffrey Tucker), a representative of the Cato Institute Dan Mitchell (Dan Mitchell) and Slovak politician Richard Sulik (Richard Sulik).

According to Jedlicki, on the Serbian side of the Danube in Liberline a local community and infrastructure, which will welcome all guests.

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