The survey Bithumb: 43% cryptocurrency investors select a strategy HODL

According to the Korea exchange Bithumb published June 7, 42,8% of investors plan to adopt a HODL — long-term storage of cryptocurrency assets.

The survey
approximately 2,500 users of the platform, which Bithumb held last month through its portal Bithumb Cafe, showed that only 27% of investors are interested in short-term profit. While 13.1% of users have bought a cryptocurrency with the purpose of investing.

The study confirms the sentiment in the cryptocurrency industry, which suggests that most investors are willing to buy and hold assets, but do not plan to sell them in the near future.

«As virtual currencies continue to gain recognition as an asset in the major industrial countries, the popularity of investing in virtual currency among domestic investors is gradually growing», — commented on the results of a survey of representatives Bithumb.

Commitment to the strategy HODL was observed among different age groups. However, the best result she showed among investors who are over 50 years – 49.1% of them plan as much as possible to store bitcoin. However, only 30% of respondents twenty-year users announced plans for long-term retention of cryptocurrency.

The price of cryptocurrencies around the world did not undergo strong changes in the second quarter of this year. While bitcoin has not managed to enter the wave of growth after a strong decline from the highs of last year.

However, apparently, the community members believe that cryptocurrencies will soon to come light bar. The study
Fundstrat conducted in the spring of this year, confirms this. According to the company, 82% of investors believe that the low price of bitcoin passed. While 41% predict that by the end of 2018 bitcoin will trade between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars, and 6% say that bitcoin will go down in the new year above $ 30 000 dollars.

While support in the field of regulation is seen by survey participants Bithumb as a benefit for future growth of cryptocurrencies, as users of the platform welcomed the government’s approach to the regulation of the tax industry and other areas. According to the survey, 39.5 per cent would retain their investments even in the case of the need to pay tax on capital gains. This is 11% higher compared to last year. However, only 13.1% of respondents indicated that «cease to invest» if they have to face similar taxes.


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