The survey 8% of Americans own cryptocurrency

According to a new survey approximately 16.3 million Americans, or 8% of the population, own any cryptocurrency. The survey revealed that about 5% of citizens own a bitcoin. The number of bitcoin users has increased significantly, when compared with the data for the year 2016, when the Pew Research Center found that about half of Americans had heard of bitcoin, but only 1% or interacted with him.

The researchers said those who do not speak cryptocurrency, why they bought it. 40% believes that «it is not necessary or they are not interested in it,» and 35% noted that «the risks are too high». Among the remaining respondents, 27% said that «the phenomenon is too complicated to understand», 18% said that it is «cheating», while 17% believe that «it bubble». While 11% said that «bitcoin is too difficult to use», and 6% said too high commissions. Among the respondents, men are three times more likely inclined to cryptocurrency than women.

The researchers also divided the respondents in the millennial, generation X (born between 1960 and 1980) and those born during the demographic explosion after world war II (baby boomers). 17% of Millennials said that they use a cryptocurrency that is not the first time confirms
the popularity of digital assets in young people. However, 15% said they «very difficult to use» and 31% said that «this phenomenon is too difficult to understand». Moreover, among the respondents of the group generation X, only 9% reported difficulties in use and 26% of the challenges in understanding technology.

The researchers also inquired as to what cryptocurrencies are investing respondents. Bitcoin topped the list in favour of 5% followed by air with the support of 2%, and in third place Cash with Bitcoin 0.9%. Respondents owning a cryptocurrency, on average, keep 3 453 dollar in bitcoin, 1 243 of the dollar in the air and 636 of dollars in bitcache.

According to a separate study published this month platform Lendingblock, more than half of people believe that cryptocurrency will be accepted at many stores by 2025. CEO Lendingblock Steve Swain (Steve Swain) said that studies by his company show «the people’s confidence in the bright future of cryptocurrencies».

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