The Swiss government has established a working group on regulation of ICO and blockchain startups

The Swiss government has created a new group for improvement of regulatory base related to blackanime startups and ICO.

Blockchain Taskforce – a group headed by the Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (Ueli Mausrer) and Minister of economy and education Johann Schneider-Ammann (Johann Schneider-Ammann), includes both Federal and local officials, as well as members of various blockchain startups and legal representatives. The first meeting will be held on 12 January 2018.

The group will study legal principles related to ICO and blackanime companies, working in conjunction with the State Secretariat for international financial matters — the Federal body responsible for the implementation of the policy of financial market and represents financial interests of the government abroad.

Schneider-Ammann attaches great importance to the inclusion bloschanevych companies in a dialogue about the legal regulation of their work. He said:

«The blockchain is becoming an increasingly important phenomenon for many industries, not only for the field of crypto-currency Finance. Should the liberal regulation will provide opportunities to improve the position of Switzerland and at the same time, reduce risks.»

Switzerland has long been configured blockcanvas friendly to startups and cryptocurrency organizations, and even became a place to create «Cryptocoryne» — region of the country, known for a large number of companies developing projects based on this technology.

In addition, last year the Federal Council of the government suggested
to create a regulatory sandbox, which will become the breeding ground for experimentation. One of the goals of her work is monitoring the development of new business models inspired by financial technologies. The government also expressed the hope that it will inspire more companies to conduct business in Europe.

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