The Synereo project migrates with Omni on Ethereum

The past two years have not been successful based in the Israel project Synereo. The platform, conceived as the world’s first decentralized social network built not the principles of «economy of attention», first faced with the lack of attention when the two ICO, 2015
and 2016
years, failed to achieve the targets for attracting funding, and then became involved in a noisy row between developers, resulted in two independent project – RChain
and actually Synereo. In 2017, the project RChain attracted all the attention at the time, how about Synereo, little was heard. Nevertheless, development continued, and in July 2017 was launched the first production application WildSpark, monetizing tokens AMP (native Synereo’s token, the Omni is built on the superstructure of bloccano Bitcoin) custom video Youtube, Vevo and other portals.

Despite the fact that the project is only in the middle third of the hundreds of cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of just under $44 million, the app looks quite active. Intrigue adds the announcement of a mysterious Project X, scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2018 – this is probably the next iteration WildSpark.

On 24 January, the project team has published a migration plan token AMP with Omni at the standard Ethereum ERC-20 in the second quarter of 2018. The press release says:

WildSpark growth and development of new solutions based on the attention economy significantly hampered by the lack of scalability and high fee of the Bitcoin blockchain. After months of studying the options, we made the choice. Low fees and the opportunities provided by smart contracts and infrastructure, all this will Synereo to move the business logic in a decentralized environment. The right choice is Ethereum.

Exchange AMP into tokens ERC-20 will be on the website The owners of the balances on the accounts WildSpark, as well as new users who AMP on Deposit at any time after the transition, will receive a AMP, ERC-20, and you can transfer them to any of the wallets Ethereum.

The Synereo team follows the path of the project decentralized information storage Storj, which successfully migrated from the blockchain Counterparty on Ethereum just under a year ago and it obviously went in his favor. However, unlike last year’s migration, when the news caused the enthusiastic comments in Reddit, this time the response is much more restrained; it’s more like the reaction of residents of prosperous countries on the arrival of the next batch of migrants:

The Ethereum network is overloaded – I hope they will be able to create a Plasma for your platform.

Course AMP a day later after release did not react to the news – probably too long Synereo project was «below the radar» and its forgotten. However, the persistence of the project leader Dora Conforti (Dor Konforty), for two years, overcome difficulties, respect. Maybe he really will succeed. At least he deserved it.

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