The team of cryptocurrency SmartCash introduced a new development

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The team of cryptocurrency SmartCash pleased its users with pleasant news.

In short, the SmartCash is a project focused on providing the most simple and comfortable casual payments, the maximum adoption in the business environment. Based on decentralized control and high role of the community in decision-making, SmartCash is evolving without encountering the traditional centralized projects problems and artificial restrictions.

A few days ago was presented SmartBand (AtarBand) is a result of cooperation. (formerly CoinBR), ATAR and SmartCash. This smart bracelet, which you can use to quickly make a purchase of anything in everyday life. This payment method is only available in Brazil (at the moment) — but about 2.5 million of the sellers started to accept payments using this technology. Payment with the bracelet is very simple: you bring your hand to the POS terminal, wait a few seconds and get a receipt for the successful transaction. One of the developers of the team Leandro Reinaux demonstrated how to pay for your coffee in Starbucks with this device.

Atar band + @scashofficial + Starbucks = ❤ lot $SMART

— Leandro Reinaux (@leoreinaux) 14 APR 2018

Coins SMART already taking a few dozen online stores. Of the most famous: — equipment for mining, vps-city dedicated servers and — the official store of cryptocurrency, where everyone can buy different things with attributes SmartCash.

Now purchase with cryptocurrency gaining popularity. Any stores wishing to accept payments in the cryptocurrency, can apply for the official website or just add the payment with the SMART — however, in the first case, the information about your store faster it will be added to the corresponding section on the official website of SmartCash, and will be assisted with client configuration and integration.

Also recently there was a interesting announcement SmartCard — physical payment cards, providing true instant payments crypto-to-crypto the simplest way. Parallel to this, work is underway on the feature of sending coins to the e-mail address — on the one hand, and preparation for testing ecosystem with ATMs GeneralBytes. Testing GeneralBytes will be launched in the famous House of Nakamoto in Vienna this week.

We are happy to announce our partnership with the House of Nakamoto, world’s first Bitcoin retail store, located in the heart of Vienna. @Crypto_Azuuri #SmartCash $smart #cryptocurrency #crypto $crypto #blockchain #altcoin #alts

— SmartCash (@scashofficial) 12 April 2018

To get to the point where instant payments and maximum ease of use become almost a reality, it took many steps, and many more well-known projects are moving in the same direction. We should expect further announcements in the team’s plans for 2018 are still many interesting things: for example, the possibility of multi-currency trading directly from wallet SmartCash, the launch of the SmartNodes (MasterNodes) with a web wallet, the final run InstantPay, to ensure widespread instant payment, and much more. All these and other tasks can be learned from the roadmap, which is available on the official website

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