The town of Wenatchee became the capital of mining in the United States

Leading miners, the U.S. has chosen for its activities, the small town of Wenatchee (Wenatchee), Washington, three hours East of Seattle. A town with a population of about 30 thousand people is gradually becoming the mining capital of the United States.

One of these miners, Melekhy, Salcido, now has the equipment that consumes 7.5 MW, and by July, plans to expand to 50 MW.

Steve Wright (Steve Wright), the head of the local power system, carefully considers applications and weeds out the fans a quick profit and want to earn money and to leave the city.

Cryptocurrency miners are attracted by low electricity rates. Thanks to the work of hydroelectric power station, built on the same city with the river, they are about 2-3 cents (about 1.5 rubles) per kilowatt/hour. The stable operation of mining equipment contribute to good for such a small town the Internet channel and favorable weather conditions.

It is known that at present, many large miners from China are in search of sites for mining outside the country, fearing a possible inadequate measures of the government and searching for more favorable electricity rates. Part of EMH consider moving to North America. Recently, the desire to attract miners said the canadian province of Quebec.

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