The U.S. Department of justice is developing a «cryptocurrency strategy»

In the last few months, the U.S. government and its agencies have stepped up efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies. This week, Deputy attorney-General of the Ministry of justice Rod Rosenstein (Rod Rosenstein) expressed his opinion about cryptocurrency during a meeting of the members of the organization Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), which took place on Monday.

According to several reports, the Ministry of justice plans to begin the development of a comprehensive cryptocurrency strategy. At the last meeting, Rod Rosenstein said that the cryptocurrency is «a new challenge», and the Agency plans to pay attention to this issue in the near future. At the roundtable, he discussed the topic of cryptocurrency FSR President Tim, polenta (Tim Pawlenty).

«A new challenge that we face is a cryptocurrency, because many of the schemes which are working to bypass traditional financial systems associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,» said
Rosenstein. «So now our task force on the fight against cybercrime is working to create a comprehensive strategy on this issue».

The Ministry of justice has repeatedly faced with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, for example, in the case of Silk Road, and at the end of last year — during the investigation
in the case of the alleged operator of the exchange BTC-e. This month, the Deputy Prosecutor was talking about encryption technology during his speech in Annapolis, Maryland, calling for «reasonable use of technology».

«When the encryption does not imply granting access to cryptographic keys to the government authorities in accordance with the laws, it allows terrorists, drug dealers, child molesters, fraudsters and other criminals to hide the evidence of his guilt,» said
Rosenstein during his speech.

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