The U.S. marshals service will sell at auction 3 800 BTC

The Federal US marshals Service has announced that this month will be held the auction for the sale of 3 800 BTC, which will take place on January 22. A similar event will be held for the first time from 2016, when the U.S. marshals Service held an auction, which sold 2 700 BTC. Then these coins was worth about $ 1.6 million, and today that number of bitcoins would be worth $ 36 million. In accordance with the prices at the time of publication of news, for selling 3 BTC 813, the Agency can save approximately $ 52 million.

In the upcoming auction of the bitcoins will be sold in several auction blocks. The Agency explains:

«The auction will be held for six hours on January 22 from 9:30 to 15:30 local time. Proposals will be accepted via e-mail only from pre-registered bidders. 3 813 BTC offered for sale in 11 blocks: five blocks 500 of bitcoins, five blocks of 100 bitcoins and one block of bitcoins 813».

Potential participants must register in the Marshal Service before noon on January 19. One of the requirements is a refundable security Deposit in the amount of $ 200,000. The auction winner will be notified on the same day.

Previously, the Service has conducted several auctions
selling bitcoins arrested after the closure of the darknet market Silk Road. Then was put on sale a total of 144 000 BTC.

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