The U.S. postal service will run on the blockchain

Mail United States postal service (USPS) has become one of the governmental agencies, which plans to introduce the technology of the blockchain. Currently, the national postal service is considering the possibility of using the blockchain to facilitate the development of digital trust, as described in patent documents published
22 Mar 2018.

Patent application filed with the U.S. Postal service, called «Methods and systems for architecture digital trust» and was originally presented in September 2017. The application notes that the current system has not coped with the task adequate of trust for the users because the security level is too low. Among the problems mentioned were unprotected messages and fake transactions.

The postal service also noted that it is necessary to amend the current system that is moving closer to the platforms open source, where transactions are made by several participants. Some of the presented solutions include the improvement of transport security of electronic communications and the provision of private and public keys to users. The application also provided information on the implementation of the blockchain that will allow users to send their records and instantly add them to the chain.

In the patent application mentions that the U.S. Postal service plans to launch its own token, which can be used on the platform. Despite the reference to «special digital token», but other details were not disclosed, except that the token can be used to create a record by any user that is added to the blockchain. This type of transaction will provide appropriate evidence that the operation was performed and what parties were involved in them.

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