The UK will build a large mining farm

A group of entrepreneurs is planning to build the biggest mining farm in the UK. The object size of 3,500 square feet will be located in three places: in London, Surrey and Suffolk.

It is reported that this project will involve the company Bladetec created in the early 2000s, which supplied it equipment to the UK Ministry of defence and NATO.

The company intends to engage in the project Bladetec Third Bitcoin Mining Company Ltd (TBBMC) 10 million pounds, which will go towards the creation and maintenance of an enterprise for two years, after which the equipment will be sold, and it will provide investment income.

Founder Bladetec John Kingdon, I am sure that the investors «have no risk of losing money.» The profitability of the project TBBMC was calculated based on the four scenarios for the next two years:

  • the cost of bitcoin will remain the same,

  • the cost of bitcoin will be reduced by 40%,

  • the cost of bitcoin will rise by 25%;

  • the cost of bitcoin will rise 50%.

TBBMC plans to produce two years 1280 BTC.

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