The UPS and downs of cryptocurrencies in 2018

Bitcoin price fell to 58% for the three months and decreased by 66% from its record high. Most altcoins are even more lost in value since January, but some of them surpassed bitcoin. A small amount of coins are in the «green zone» — the area of growth. For example, Ontology has grown 110%. But it is necessary to make allowances for the fact that most of the «green» token appeared only this year. If Ontology, which received free owners NEO via airdrop («paratroopers»), was released last year — she probably also would have entered a «red zone» and lost.

From cryptocurrencies that are out to bid last year, only two assets are in the «green» zone. Digixdao — token backed by gold — grew by 12% in three months, and the Chinese Aldon Bytom 2%. Neither one of these coins did not provide a decent return to investors who followed a strategy of storage assets. In fact, such a strategy since the beginning of 2018 is one of the worst for a trader. Of course, this is easy to say now. No one could anticipate the behavior of the market. Below is the list of altcoins that have shown growth since the beginning of this year:

As mentioned above, only two coins (Digixdao and Bytom) from this list were released last year. All the others appeared, starting from January 2018.

Who in the «red zone»

In addition Digixdao Bytom, Binance Coin (BNB) showed the worst three-month result, losing only 3% of the cost. In addition, Coincodex lists 29 scriptactive, which showed the best result compared to bitcoin. Among them coins like Luminocoin and Soursop – not the most famous representatives of the market, with a yield of -12% and -20% of their storage will not bring the investors big profit.

The TOP 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation shows which popular altcoins exceeded the performance of bitcoin over the last three months. Litecoin, EOS, NEO, Monero, Coin Binance, Vechain and Omisego the most famous of this list, if this Litecoin and Monero is not far removed from bitcoins. Worse just this year, cope little-known altcoins:

If you were trying to minimize their losses due to the decline of bitcoin switching to popular altcoins, then chances are you won little. Ripple and Cardano lost 84% of the cost for the three months and NEM even more. If you are a ninja of margin trading, it is best to keep the main part of your portfolio in bitcoins and to stop rush. The probability is that by the end of 2018, the list of the best crypto-currencies will look very different.


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