The Venezuelan government denied the information in the White paper on El Petro

The Venezuelan government announced the emergence of the Internet of false information about the issue provided oil cryptocurrencies El Petro. According to Reuters, the Venezuelan government called presented White paper on Reddit cryptocurrency false – in particular, it argues that El Petro represent tokens of the standard ERC-20.

President Nicolas Maduro said that this information is incorrect, and this document for Venezuelan bitcoin will soon be made public.

However, the document seems genuine. Is it just an early draft version of the document or complete, remains to be seen. Nowhere in the document does not mention «the Ethereum» or «ERC20», and create a theme where the user specifies only the images of coins Ethereum posted on the website of the government.

It is noteworthy that the document mentioned on Reddit, says that ElPetro will be sold only for Venezuelan bolivars, but the blockchain El Petro going public:

«Petro and the rest of the cryptocurrency is controlled through an operating system supported by free software. The blockchain records all transactions between buyers and sellers without intermediaries. All transactions are visible to investors».

Although much is still unknown about this provided oil the cryptocurrency, and «leaked» documents can be forged, however, the announced plans of the government to conduct sale of tokens for the distribution of the first 100 million ordered by President coin. About 38 million coins will be sold to institutional investors – sales will start on 15 February and should attract 1.3 billion. According to Reuters, institutional investors will be offered a discount of up to 60%.

There will then be a public sale, which will be sold 44 million tokens. Officials expect that this stage will bring 2.4 billion. The remaining 18 million tokens will be sent to the advisers who helped create the currency and the government.

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