The Venezuelan President has authorized the purchase of petro rubles

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was allowed to buy Venezuelan petro crypto-currency for currency – rubles, Turkish Lira and euros. It can also be purchased for other currencies.

According to the head of the state, such a policy will contribute to the creation of a «new monetary world with power sovereign of Bolivar» as well as to ensure that all payments, purchases and sales will be digital.

To do this, Maduro urged banks to expand the technological capabilities to «they can make all their payments through digital channels,» and also instructed the Venezuelan foreign trade Corporation (Cropovex) to start using petro when you pay for the import of food, medicines and industrial products.

The President also announced the creation of the country’s four economic zones where you can use cryptocurrency to purchase and sale of goods and services. It’s Margarita island and its surrounding areas, the island and the archipelago Los Roques, a special economic zone of Paraguana and the border municipalities of Urena and San Antonio.

In addition, he stated the denomination of the national currency Bolivar.

«I decided to remove three zeros from the existing money. From 4 June the country will put into circulation new banknotes samples,» — said Maduro.

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