The website Investopedia has called bitcoin «word 2017»

Educational resource for Finance Investopedia called bitcoin «Word 2017», which once again underlines the increased impact of cryptocurrency on the world of traditional Finance.

Earlier this week, Investopedia has published its annual list of the most popular words, based on the volume of search queries on the website. «Bitcoin» won first place in the list, ahead of terms such as «artificial intelligence», «Trumpcare», «FAANG» and «Millennials».

None of the other words included in the list Investopedia, so seized the minds of investors in 2017, as the bitcoin. For the first year, the cryptocurrency has grown in price by almost 20 times, repeatedly surpassing their historical highs.

«We have already seen investment manias, but the hype around bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain has caused an unprecedented interest of users Investopedia in 2017», — said the chief editor Investopedia Caleb silver (by Silver) in a press release.

The growth of interest in bitcoin in the traditional financial environment, and testified the desire of the regulated US exchanges to outstrip each other in the beginning of futures trading on the bitcoin 10 December futures contracts appeared
on the CBOE, and on December 18 the auction began
on CME. Even some Central banks are thinking about the issue of government currency on the blockchain.

It is noteworthy that bitcoin was not the only term related cryptocurrency industry, which was included in the list Investopedia. Blockchain took second place, as many technical analysts believe that this technology has the potential to change many industries.

The term «ICO» took fourth place in the list, which also is not surprising, given that this emerging model of fundraising has helped blockcanvas startups to raise a total of more than $ 4 billion in 2017.

«This year, investors clearly pay more attention to the revolutionary technology. Such requests as artificial intelligence, bitcoin and the blockchain, dominated at our sites,» said David Siegel (David Siegel), CEO of Investopedia.

«Although we do not know what fate awaits these trends, in 2018, we know that investors want to get more information about investing in these new assets like bitcoin and how innovative technologies will impact on the achievement of their investment, personal and professional goals,» concluded Siegel.

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