The websites of government agencies of the USA and the UK were infected with virus-miner

February 11, Sunday, more than four thousand Internet sites worldwide, including the resources of the state bodies of the USA and the UK have been infected with hidden miners for mining cryptocurrency XMR (Monero).

According to The Register, there are over 4200 infected sites. To attack, hackers use Browsealoud, a popular tool created by the specialists Texthelp – plugin voice page content for users with low vision.

While the experts investigate the problem, Browsealoud plugin is disabled, said the representative of the company Texthelp.

According to the statement of the technical Director Texthelp Martin McKay (Martin McKay), the company Texthelp not excluded, and were ready for this kind of attack:

«We were preparing for a similar incident in the light of what is happening around the world cyber attacks. Our plan for ensuring data protection was immediately powered» — the website Texthelp.

The company’s specialists assured, no leak of user data has not occurred.

The press service of the attacked state authorities in the USA and the UK refuse to comment on what is happening.

It should be recalled that the hidden miner for mining XMR earlier this month was identified within the sites MacUpdate, Google DoubleClick and YouTube. Resource owners have been warned in advance about the possible infiltration of miners in advertising. The virus can also escape to the WordPress websites and Android applications, pages online stores in the browsers and messengers.

Experts of the company Recorded Future noted the trend of moving intruders from powerful attacks using ransomware to long-term hidden mining.

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