Tim Draper: By 2022 the bitcoin will cost $ 250,000

On April 12, Draper University held an event Block (Chain) Party in 2018, where he made a famous venture capitalist and bitcoin enthusiast Tim Draper (Tim Draper). In his presentation, Draper once again made a positive Outlook on bitcoin, saying that by 2022 the price of the main cryptocurrency will be $ 250,000.

«I think that by 2022 the cost of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000. Many will tell you that you are crazy, but believe me, it will happen and it will be awesome!», he said.

In 2014, when bitcoin traded at $ 300, Draper made a forecast that in 2017 the price of bitcoin will reach $ 10,000.

Your capital in bitcoin Draper purchased through auctions by the U.S. government, which sold the seized Silk Road assets. However, he actively shares his views on cryptocurrency in the mainstream media, trying to reduce a negative attitude about their prospects.

One such example is the event in San MATEO, which discussed the benefits of decentralized implementations as cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.

«The blockchain is one of the world’s advanced technology, which is really admirable,» shared Draper.

Meanwhile, many investors continue to invest their funds in bitcoin, contrary to the majority, confident in the fact that the so-called cryptocurrency «bubble» deflates, the prices in the $ 20,000 per bitcoin will never happen again.

According to David Drake (David Drake), Chairman of LDJ Capital, by the end, the cost of bitcoin will be $ 30,000 per coin. Previously, Drake also made a correct prediction in which he says that bitcoin price will reverse and begin to grow in March-April.

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