Tom Lee: cryptocurrency traders from USA need to pay taxes on $25 billion

According to the famous captainvalor and Analytics Fundstart Tom Lee, the market can expect a massive outflow of capital in anticipation of the latest tax day in the United States.

Tom Lee, a former chief strategist at JP Morgan Chase, is the only major analyst on wall Street, which globally analyzes the cryptocurrency market.

In his opinion, to the mass selling of cryptocurrency can lead to the fact that American traders have to pay the state about $ 25 billion in taxes from income earned as a result of transactions with cryptocurrencies. In addition, to pay taxes on income needs will be and cryptocurrency exchanges, which it most likely will have to liquidate part of their cryptocurrency assets.

«The main factor of pressure on the market will be the sale of assets of the cryptocurrency exchanges, as their current assets are concentrated primarily in bitcoin, not in dollars. Therefore, in spite of the fact that the net income of many cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017 the hundreds of millions of dollars to perform their obligations they will have to sell the first BTC and ETH. Thus, according to historical estimates, the outflow of each dollar will drop in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies for $20-25,» writes Lee.

According to the in mid-March, «Index of bestenliste bitcoins» at the moment, holders of the cryptocurrency are «in an extremely perilous position.»

«Regulators are creating significant risks. Traders are terrible. All this is reflected in the market, which is in a critical position,» adds the analyst.

«Most likely the bottom will have bitcoin on April 17, the last day of the tax,» said Lee.

Despite this, Lee is confident that the cost of bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 by the middle of this year and will continue to grow to 25,000, the Price of live by mid-year will reach $ 1,500 by the end of the year will reach $ 1,900.

How to justify predictions, we will see this week. However, it may be that he exaggerates the influence of American cryptocurrency market on the world.

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