Tough competition: keira Knightley starts the blockchain platform Cinematix

Russian actor and Director Konstantin Khabensky has announced the launch of blockchain-Cinematix platform designed to raise funds for filming.

According to him, the launch of blockchain-based platform – an innovative step in the Russian system of aid to cinema.

«We plan to attract financing from Russia, the USA and India and other Asian countries. Filmmakers will place the application on the website, and users will be able to support them, bought a manufactured by the platform of cryptocurrency tokens CINX. The money spent will be reimbursed in case of success of the project, and upon its failure,» explained a principle of operation of the platform Khabensky, who plans to participate in the selection of projects to be placed on the platform.

Partners Knightley will be the former Chairman of the Bank «Russian standard» Ilya Zibarev and co-owner of the company ICOBox Nikolay Evdokimov. The release token is expected in July, the ICO platform is planned to be completed in September. The founders expect to raise $15-20 million

As recently as yesterday the launch of almost the same blockchain platform to raise funds for investment in film production Cinemico announced Fyodor Bondarchuk.

«As I understand it, the difference we have is that we’re going to do platform that focuses not only on the Russian market. In addition, our project worked out stronger from the blockchain, because we cooperate with the leaders of the ICO industry in the world,» – said the actor.

According to him, the team Cinematix – the first who suggested the idea of movie world the blockchain industry, and met great interest and enthusiasm. Cinematix first draft was presented in may at the world the blockchain Consensus conference in new York, where he received high appraisal expert blockchain-industry Alex Tapscott.

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