Trace Mayer: in 2018, the bitcoin will cost $115 000

An expert in the field of bitcoin advocate trace Mayer suggested that the price of the first cryptocurrency can reach $115,000 in 2018, after the end of the corrective phase.

He stressed, however, that this figure of $115 000 – despite the theoretical possibility, based on previous cycles, will be «very high».

Bitcoin now recovering from the fall, the largest since 2013.

Meyer’s forecast is based on extrapolation models of market, 2011 – 2017 years on the current situation. He identified regularities and offered to expect similar results in 2018.

So, according to his calculations, by December 2018 the price of bitcoin to reach $115 000. It is noteworthy that in October 2017, based on this method, Meyer predicted the price of bitcoin in February – about $27 395. However, according to a new forecast, bitcoin will cost between $9500 and $14 340.

To decline this week, investor Fundstrat Tom Lee suggested a return to $20 000 in 2018, and if that happens in June, it may lead to new record highs.

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