Trading and analytical platform Otcrit preparing to tomenselo

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Cryptoamnesia continues to grow with record speed and may soon reach a capitalization of several trillion dollars. However, the biggest problem, according to the founders of the project Otcrit is unreliable information and lack of transparency.

European startup Otcrit fundamentally approached the analysis and evaluation of blockchain projects. The platform allows experts in the field of Finance and business, kryptonitetm and programmers to publish and sell your reports and articles. By following the practical recommendations in various categories, the user can submit their reports and receive their reward.

Users will get access to the entire variety of technical and in-depth analyses. This information will serve as a good signal about the possible fraudulent schemes in the market. In the absence of the necessary analysis, you can hire the expert platform or requested from the community. Thus, projects with a high rating will be admitted to the multipurpose exchange Otcritex.

With the help of information, is also available on the exchange, Otcrit plans to bring cryptocurrency trading to the next level. Creating a large community of crypto-experts, traders and investors who will share knowledge, create content, hire another, and to request reports, the platform has accumulated a huge database about companies and members of their teams. Any registered user will be able to find the project and the developer who participate in it. With reference to the stock exchange on the platform will be an integrated calendar and a news feed informing traders about important events that may impact on price charts. The project team will release a beta version in the first half of February, before tokencache, which is scheduled for February 15, 2018.

The platform’s functions, however, does not end there. Giving the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies at a fixed price without the high spreads and the binding quotes, the creators of the project want to make OTC trading more accessible to a wider audience. Digital assets available for OTC trading will be displayed in Otcrit Top-100 Index. This is an advanced cryptocurrency index, which will be presented thoroughly examined the company with a robust and active development. The same principle will apply for listing on the exchange Otcritex where Otcrit will distribute 5% of its profits among the top projects that have achieved the promised goals.

The other 10% of profit derived from trading fees, subscriptions and basic services will be distributed among the holders of tokens OTC. On the platform there is also a bonus program for content creators and holders of the tokens Otcrit. These weekly awards will be paid in ETH.

Registered in the white list the users get access to presale 24 hours before it starts.

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