Traffic at leading cryptocurrency exchanges for February fell by half

According to Similarweb, users were much less likely to use accounts at cryptocurrency exchanges. On average, the traffic leading to the sites of the bitcoin exchanges, has fallen by half since the beginning of the year and reached the level of November 2017.

For example, in December the number of visits to cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was at the level of 170 million, in January only 123 million, and in February of this value fell to 63 million visitov, which is 49% lower than the January figures. Attendance crypto currency exchange Kraken has fallen by 56%, from 31 million visits in January, up 13 million in February. Attendance Binance declined by 54%, from 191 to 87 million visits over the same period. At Bitfinex attendance decreased by 48% from 35 to 18 million, despite the fact that in December we had almost 60 million visits.

The main reason of such dynamics was a sharp change in the trend of the cryptocurrency market. After the rapid growth at the end of 2017, beginning of 2018, it was observed a sharp decline in the market value of all cryptocurrencies.

It is believed that in the period November-December 2017 in the cryptocurrency industry included the maximum number of potential market participants not previously familiar with cryptocurrencies, and many of them lost money when you shop on the highs.

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