TriForce Tokens Announces ICO Campaign- Early Birds to Get Free Ledger Nano S Device

TriForce Tokens, a tech startup, has recently announced its Pre-ICO and ICO campaign, starting from October 1, 2017, and November 1, 2017, respectively. The pre-ICO will last until October 15, 2017, while the main ICO will end by December 16, 2017. The first 50 pre-ICO investors are to get a free ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

TriForce Tokens is a decentralized platform that provides users belonging to the online gaming community, a decentralized P2P trading, anti-piracy protection and world’s first honorary reward mechanism. The network intends to develop community collaboration while letting them work together and reward one another.

The Industry Problems

The online gaming industry, in particular, the indie game developers have been facing problems like high development costs because of game’s publication on popular platforms, difficulties in getting and retaining the players, complex revenue models and player’s limitations. The platform provides a digital ecosystem, developed on blockchain to fix such issues.

The ERC 20 based digital tokens will become the industry standard on various gaming platforms. The company will introduce new, innovate revenue models in the game development market. In addition, it strives to decrease the player attrition rate, provide behavioral analysis and offer players a novel gaming experience. This is the platform where users will build their own digital asset empire.

Pete Mardell, the CEO of TriForce Tokens, says that the company desires to make a gaming community that is interactive, collaborative and alive. Within this community, players can make money, shape their destiny. At the same time, developers can use the platform’s services to integrate live analytical platforms with in-depth player insight and new revenue models. With TriForce tokens, users also get an opportunity to create their own revenue streams by playing games they love.

The TriForce Tokens

TriForce Tokens technology is based on three key elements; player and developer protection, revenue generation and community collaboration. TriForce Token’s P2P trading enables users to trade items on a decentralized and open marketplace. All transactions over the platform work seamlessly and instantly.

All participants of the pre-ICO will get a 60 percent bonus, while the first 50 Pre-ICO participants will receive a free Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet that supports different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

To know more about the platform and take part in its upcoming pre-ICO and ICO, please visit


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