TSMC plans to increase revenues through the production of equipment for mining

The giants of the industry of microelectronics begin to be serious about mining. As you know, mining cryptocurrency has become a source of profit growth of major manufacturers of GPUs, Nvidia and AMD. Now the world’s largest chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) is also planning to significantly increase their income due to the segment of devices for cryptocurrency mining.

TSMC manufactures semiconductor devices for a variety of industries. Primarily, the company supplies chips to Apple. AppleInsider reports that TSMC signed a deal for exclusive supply of bionic A11 processor embedded in the iPhone, which will be released 2018.

In this edition of the Motley Fool notes that TSMC expects to get more profit from the cryptocurrency industry than from the supply of electronic components for the iPhone. Now the fastest growing segment of the TSMC is involved in the design and manufacture of circuits ASIC for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to Bloomberg, sales of devices for cryptocurrency mining may be about one tenth of TSMC’s revenues in 2018.

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, TSMC increased its profit by 28% in 2016, partly due to the growing interest in cryptocurrency mining. And 2017 due to the sales of these devices TSMC grew by 26.4%. According To Motley Fool:

«When TSMC reported 18% sales growth in the third quarter, chief financial officer Lora Ho (Lora Ho) said that one of the factors of growth were increased sales of equipment for mining cryptocurrency».

As for cryptocurrency mining, in August of 2017 thanks to him, sales of Nvidia rose by 52% to USD 1.2 billion. This year, Nvidia shares continue to rise, reaching a record high of $ 227 16 January 2018.

However, not only device manufacturers for the fourth industrial revolution included in the 2018 year with optimism. For example, recently the largest Japanese investment Bank Daiwa has supported confidence TSMC, assuming that the revenue from the 1st quarter will be higher due to «high demand for devices for mining cryptocurrency».

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