TUSUR and Qiwi are developing software for Bank guarantees on Mastercare

Tomsk state University of control systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) in conjunction with the company Qiwi Blockchain Technology (QBT) develop a mechanism for the implementation of digital banking guarantees on the interbank blockchain platform «Mastercam».

«We are developing software that will allow you to conduct financial transactions using a smart contract based on the blockchain that guarantees users confidence in the security of transactions,» – said one of the developers of TUSUR Eugene Medicare.

According to him, the technology of the blockchain allows the Contracting parties to carry out financial and legal transactions using digital Bank guarantees, but they want to be sure that the service is reliable. Experts TUSUR test developed on the basis of the real financial operations of the company Qiwi.

According to the Director of technology of the company Alexey Arkhipov, Qiwi has refused to implement the blockchain in their own processing, since the use of this technology within the organization does not make much sense.

Arkhipov said that the blockchain brings value when it unites a large number of participants. He expressed confidence in obtaining the right company functionality from the use of Mastercan – to-peer network with controlled access, interaction nodes, which occurs on the modification of the Ethereum Protocol.

«Developed for Qiwi program will provide transparency of all actions of participants of the operations that can be independently tracked. At the same time, to change or undo actions will be impossible. Copies of actions of all participants will persist in large numbers, and that will ensure the safety of operation of smart contracts,»- said Medicare.

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