Twitter joins the advertising ban cryptocurrencies

Following the it giants Google and Facebook, who have decided to enter promotional restrictive policy towards cryptocurrency and ICO, the social network Twitter also intends to ban advertising of this kind.

On the background of impending regulatory intervention in this sector, the Twitter ban is a cryptocurrency, ICO, and cryptocurrency exchanges, but with some exceptions.

Reports British news channel Sky News, referring to sources on Twitter, the decision will come into force within two weeks and will work in all countries where the company operates.

Facebook and Google announced the ban placed on its platform advertising binary options after disclosure of the fraud cases in this area in which the loss of people in the UK in six years has grown by 400,000%. Following this, they began to introduce bans and other risky methods of investment, including cryptocurrency.

Earlier, the President of the Bank of England mark Carney stated that the situation with cryptocurrencies may be the same, so «it is time to adjust the elements of the digital ecosystem to combat illegal activities» – and the ban on advertising is one way of this regulation.

The largest search engine Runet Yandex also has banned the advertisement of cryptocurrency and ICO, but it does so on the basis of internal documents. Information about the ban was not formally published.

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