Two doctors from Mississippi are suing MtGox for 9500 BTC stolen in 2011

Two former user closed in 2014, bitcoin exchange MtGox filed for her in court for loss of 9 500 BTC, which today would be worth around 133 million dollars. Moreover, the theft of these bitcoins is not associated with the collapse of the exchange happened much earlier.

For the first time the suit was filed by Dr. Donald and his son Dr. Chris Radio March 5, 2014 against a number of individuals and companies, including jed McCaleb (Jed McCaleb) and Mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles), the former owners of MtGox. The defendants filed a motion for a judgment rendered in the order of summary trials, but it was rejected by 16 November 2017. They appealed the decision last month.

According to the court document, Donald Radio first registered MtGox in December 2010, at a time when bitcoin was trading at a price below $ 1. Correspondence
email between Donald Radio and Machalaba showed that shortly thereafter, in January 2011, someone stole 9 500 bitcoins from the account of Donald.

McCaleb, apparently, was trying to help Radio to investigate this question after he reported about the loss. Court documents show that the investigation led to a potential suspect under the pseudonym Baron, who denied the accusation after his account was frozen.

Then, in February 2011, McCaleb sold MtGox to Karpeles, who later claimed that he inherited only the assets of MtGox, but not the obligation. Only after MtGox declared bankruptcy in 2014, Donald and Chris Radio filed a lawsuit against the company.

The defendants in this case argue that it may not be due to the missed limitation period, as adopted in Mississippi since the lawsuit was filed after three years and 54 days after you report the loss.

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