Tyumen customs not be missed mining hardware

The Tyumen customs had detained a shipment from China with ASIC miners, Bitmain production. When the documentary control of international postal items «server equipment» customs post of Tobolsk of the Tyumen customs has determined that this product applies non-tariff measures and demanded additional permits: information about the notification or report issued by the Federal security service of Russia.

The recipient, a resident of the city of Tobolsk, has announced that it has acquired server equipment in the online store for domestic purposes – perform mathematical and scientific computations and has no such documents.

After customs has denied the receipt of international mail due to non submission of documents, the resident of Tobolsk filed a lawsuit against officials of the customs in the court, intending to challenge their actions.

«In the course of proceedings in case the court reviewed all the evidence presented. The argument of the citizen that mining cryptocurrencies is only a byproduct of his scientific activity, was not adopted by the court, because statutory restrictions on import do not depend on the goals of the claimed physical entity, for import», – the press-group of the Tyumen customs.

The court upheld the decision of Tobolsk of the Tyumen customs office customs office on refusal in the production of equipment for mining cryptocurrency received by the MPO to address individuals. In April 2018, it entered into force.

«Right the Eurasian economic Union set authorization procedure for import/export of the equipment on the basis of permits issued by the authorities of FSB of Russia. Because they were not filed, the goods can not be imported to the territory of Russia» – follows from the statement of law enforcement.

«Otherwise, there is the threat of administrative (article 7.19 of the administrative code) and criminal liability (articles 165, 199 of the criminal code). In the absence of legislative regulation of the state is deprived of the possibility to control the withdrawal of funds from the country, jeopardizing national security, a national currency and the financial market of the country», – stressed the representative of the Tyumen customs.

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