Ukrainian Lombard opened the loans secured in cryptocurrency

The leading network of private Ukraine pawnshops «skarbnitsya» opened a loan on the security of cryptocurrency – cryptocratic «Scarbon».

«We provide the service of mortgage lending of the most popular cryptocurrencies. You can obtain a loan of up to 50% of the current value of the cryptocurrency for a period of 7 to 31 days. Minimum loan amount – 10 thousand hryvnia, maximum – not limited,» – said on the website of the company.

The initiative is positioned as the first project of cryptocercidae that works 100% within the legislation of Ukraine.

According to information on the website, all transactions are reliable, correct and fully transparent legal, commissions and hidden fees are not intended to, and after repayment of all debt under the guarantee of cryptocurrencies promise to return to the borrower.

«Special attention is paid to changes in the value of cryptocurrency. For each contract in our IT system will conduct automatic recording of the amount of cryptocurrency in the mortgage and the price at which the transaction is recorded. This means that in the case of growth, subject to full payment of interest, it is possible to increase the loan amount, which will amount to the difference between the old and new price,» – said on the website.

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