Ukrainian officials have started to declare cryptocurrency

According to the declarations of Ukrainian officials, who began to declare the cryptocurrency, the largest number of bitcoin holders are working in the Odessa regional Council and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Most of all bitcoins declared that the inhabitant of Odessa Dmitry Golubov – 4376 BTC (about $51 million 636 thousand). In the second place, the head of the Odessa regional Council of the 7th convocation Anatoly Urban – $50 million 224 thousand Then the deputies of the Odessa regional Council Volodymyr Kryvosheya – $41 million 217 thousand, Ruslan herdsman – $18 million 88 thousand, Valentine Volcano – $17 million 7 thousand, Leonid Shimon – $11 million 8 thousand and Peter Ion – $6 million 348 thousand.

At the same time, the chief specialist of Department of interaction with subjects of the state registration of Eugene Privalov owns bitcoins at $5 million 758 thousand, deputies from BPP Alex music – $5 million 480 thousand, Dmitry Belotserkovets – $4 million 696 thousand, the official «Railways» Valentin sandul 4 million 578 thousand, the official of the regional service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Eugene Henkin – 4 million 495 thousand, the official of the Nikolaev regional state administration Timur Mikhailovsky – 2 million 950 thousand, the Odessa Deputy Nikita, Kashkevich – 1 million 420 thousand, the Deputy of the city Council Luchanskogo Anna Islamova – 1 million 180 thousand, the Odessa Deputy Anna Pozdnyakova -1 million 165 thousand, Roman Nikolaychuk – $590 thousand.

Now bitcoin has no specific legal status in Ukraine, any normative-legal regulation. There are only 2 explanations of the NBU, which in 2014 recognized bitcoin as a money surrogate, and in 2017, the national Bank of Ukraine has not recognized bitcoin as a digital currency, calling it a money substitute, intangible value, virtual product, etc. » – said the Executive Director of the NGO «anti-corruption headquarters» Sergey Mitcalc.

«Courts considering the case of virtual settlements, have come to unanimous opinion that cryptocurrency is neither a thing nor the property rights and do not carry any material characteristics. Any decision or clarification on this issue. Therefore, according to the letter of the law, the declarant is no obligation to declare bitcoin. In accordance with the law, while bitcoin is not recognized as money, it has all the hallmarks of an intangible asset, which must be specified in section 8 (Intangible assets),» he says

«The difficulty for analysis is that officials should specify either the amount of the intangible asset or the price. Accordingly, we can’t know for sure, pointed out to the officials just bitcoins or their value in UAH», – explains the head of the platform Opendatabot Aleksey Ivankin.

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