Unknown billionaire from China bought a 96 000 BTC

Unknown Chinese billionaire, hiding under the pseudonym «Yi Mei», purchased 96 000 BTC worth more than a billion dollars, reports news portal financemagnates.com. In light of the fact that China is trying hard to regulate the cryptocurrency market in the country, this purchase looks very paradoxical.

Since the buyer wished to remain anonymous, discusses various versions and rumors. On one of them, in a major acquisition of suspect William Dean (William Dean), recognized in 2003, the richest man in China. According to Forbes his fortune reaches $18.2 billion. Because of the mass spread of rumors William was forced to declare publicly that he has no relation to this purchase and never owned bitcoin.

An interesting fact is that despite a loud statement, Dean is the head of the company NetEase. She not long ago invested in U.S. blockchain project ArcBlock called by the creators as «the world’s first blockchain to build and deploy decentralized applications.»

It is also known that Dean plays the role of Advisor ArcBlock.

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