Unocoin Announces Support for Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and Other Currencies

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is constantly evolving. Existing service providers have to introduce a new feature to keep customers engaged. Unocoin is one of India’s largest cryptocurrency trading platforms today. They are also heavily involved in blockchain technology. As such, the company wants to launch a new multi-cryptocurrency exchange platform. Looking beyond Bitcoin is of the utmost importance right now.

It is good to see Unocoin look into other markets. More specifically, the company wants to embrace a broader range of cryptocurrencies. To do so, they are looking to set up a multi-cryptocurrency open order book exchange in the near future. All of this functionality will also be made available to Android and iOS app users. Revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading in India is one of the company’s main objectives at this point.

A big Step Forward for UnoCoin

To put this into perspective, the platform will support five different currencies. Bitcoin is supported, as one would expect. There is also support for Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Users cna buy and sell any of these five currencies on the exchange as well as through the mobile applications. It is an interesting way to expand the appeal of alternative cryptocurrencies in India.

To make this platform more appealing, Unocoin will introduce some interesting features. The use of order books will always be appealing, rather than having to rely on traders being online at the exact same time. There will be a maker-taker fee model. The maker fee will be as low as 0.4%, whereas the taker fee will be capped at 0.6%. These values are more than respectable and are seemingly lower compared to a few other trading platforms.

The mobile functionality of this new platform is available as of today. Users may want to check if their Unocoin app has an update available. By supporting all of these currencies, things are looking pretty good in India. UnoCoin also plans to support even more currencies in the future. Which currencies those will be, has yet to be determined. It’s good to see established companies focus their attention on the other currencies on the market.

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