Venezuela announced the Petro pre-sale from 20 February

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolás Maduro) has called the date of commencement of pre-sale national cryptocurrency petro. Additionally, he presented and signed a formal Whitepaper and spoke about the project Petro Container designed for mining the new currency.

On the last Tuesday meeting of the Council of Ministers, Maduro announced that the provisional sale of national cryptocurrencies Venezuela petro will start on February 20.

«The future has arrived. The economic power of Venezuela’s growing», noted the President, stressing that the presale petro will be «20 tokens ERC20».

Maduro presented a Whitepaper Petro

In addition to the announcement of the beginning of sales, Maduro also presented and signed a whitepaper that describes «function, the concept and terms» of the new cryptocurrency.

Despite numerous requests of users of social networks read the document, «White paper» is not granted public access.

Petro Container

At the meeting, Maduro also announced the intention «to accelerate the commissioning of cryptocurrencies el petro and mining farms with the help of Petro product Container».

He said: «All savings banks in the country will be able to have your own mining farm and participate in the creation of el petro».

Optimistic expectations of the President

For the first time Venezuela has announced plans to create its own cryptocurrency at the beginning of December last year. Soon after that, Maduro was appointed superintendent of cryptocurrency Carlos Vargas (Carlos Vargas). As security for the new currency, the President has allocated more than 5 billion barrels of oil and announced the launch of 100 million units of Petro.

However, the Venezuelan national Assembly soon declared that petro is illegal and can not be provided by oil. Nevertheless one thing the President decided to convince to join the project petro 10 more countries, and also offered the first investors into the cryptocurrency discounts up to 60%.

At the meeting, Maduro said: «We received very optimistic comments from professionals of cryptocurrency from around the world».

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