Venezuela began selling national cryptocurrency Petro

Venezuela officially began selling state of cryptocurrency Petro, Vice-President of the South American Republic Tarek El-Aissami.

«The day when Venezuela launched its cryptocurrency secured by their own reserves and natural resources, will go down in history», – he stressed.

Created for cryptocurrency governmental portal published the user manual for those wishing to purchase the Petro, which may be residing in Venezuela, individuals and legal entities and citizens of foreign States.

According to al-Aissami, users of Petro will provide confidence and security at the national and international market.

In total will be issued 100 million units of Petro. In the first stage, investors will be available 82.4 million tokens. The price of a coin equal to a barrel of Venezuelan oil – about $60. Therefore, Petro is positioned as the only cryptocurrency that will be backed by real asset.

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