Venezuela is considered a national cryptocurrency ElPetro to a barrel of oil

Recently, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that national cryptocurrency El Petro will be provided 5 billion barrels of oil from the Ayacucho field in the territory of the tar Sands of the Orinoco. According to him, one Petro El will equal one barrel of oil produced at the field.

«We will gather young professionals in cryptocurrency to the team, and they will engage in mining in all States,» added Maduro.

In the future, to support Petro El Maduro pledged deposits of gold and diamonds, which are also located in the Orinoco belt.

On creation of own national cryptocurrency in Venezuela began in early December. Maduro believes that the cryptocurrency will help the country circumvent financial sanctions imposed on it by the United States.

The past few years, Venezuela is experiencing an economic crisis, because of which domestic prices continue to rise and the national currency has not ceased to depreciate.

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