Venezuela opened a school for the training of citizens of cryptoamnesia

The Venezuelan government opened a school in the capital, Caracas, to teach their citizens how to buy, sell and mine cryptocurrencies. The training program includes a course on public bitcoin Petro. In addition, the President of the country Nicolas Maduro has allocated resources for the establishment of mining farms at universities across the country.

This announcement came shortly after the government announced the release and pre-sale provided oil Petro cryptocurrency. Local media said:

«The school Granja Laboratorio Petro in Caracas, Venezuelans can learn how to buy, sell and mine cryptocurrency and how it works cryptoamnesia».

Carmen Salvador (Carmen Salvador), the Venezuelan teacher cryptocurrency trading, said in an interview with Reuters last Friday that «hopes to make knowledge about cryptocurrencies available, along with information about other new technologies.» The teacher explained that the government guarantees free access to education, noting that in other countries, such programs can cost 500-800 dollars.

The Minister of youth and sports, Pedro Infante (Pedro Infante) said that mining farm to school «consists of several zones, such as the mining Laboratory, which has all the necessary equipment for mining any kind of cryptocurrency».

In addition, the school has a class, «equipped for the study of trading cryptocurrency», where students will learn about buying, selling and trafficking, and also about how to «diversify the investments that generated», — he explained, stressing:

«All our young people can begin the process of acquiring knowledge about cryptoamnesia, in particular Petro, Venezuelan bitcoin».

Maduro said
last Thursday, «his government has attracted 735 million dollars in the first two days of the sale of Petro, and the site of bitcoin has been visited by over a million people during the same period,» reports local media Telesur. He also announced the launch of another cryptocurrency backed by gold, called the Petro gold. However, some doubt Venezuela even collected money from Petro sales.

Earlier, Maduro has repeatedly stated that it wants to organize all universities in the country’s mining farm. Following his plans, the President has allocated resources «on creating a mining farm in higher education,» according to the Minister of higher education, science and technology of Hugely ROA (Roa Hugbel).

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