Venezuela plans to pay for spare parts for «KAMAZ» in Petro

Venezuela and Russia discuss the possibility of import of spare parts for KAMAZ vehicles for the cryptocurrency Petro, said the Minister of foreign trade and foreign investment South American Republic Vielma Jose Mora at the meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental Commission in Caracas.

According to local news portal Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN), the participants of the meeting talked about cooperation in the acquisition of spare parts, tires and batteries for the Assembly of KAMAZ trucks in Venezuela. They also considered the form of payment, which include and payment through the national cryptocurrency of Petro.

Moore also said that Venezuela had discussed with Russia the possibility of the abolition of customs duties between the two countries, since the latter are also interested in import from Venezuela.

«With the Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Russia we discussed the possibility of zero customs duties to our countries,» he said.

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