Venezuela plans to sell petro via their own exchange Dicom

The government of Venezuela announced that in a few weeks will start selling the national petro cryptocurrency exchange platform via Dicom.

Trading platform Dicom opened in may of 2017. Through her Venezuelan authorities sell foreign currency. At the time of commencement of the exchange rate of Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) was 2200 per one U.S. dollar, for June, the dollar rose to 2640 VEF. In September 2017, because of the lack of currency exchange was closed. In January of this year, the exchange resumed the course 3345 VEF for one U.S. dollar.

Last month on Dicom passed the first auction, which for one Euro gave 31 000 bolívares (approximately 25 000 VEF for one U.S. dollar). However, the black market for one U.S. dollar give 228 thousand bolivars.

In order to participate in the trade, each user must fill out the electronic form and to have the account in foreign currency in a Bank which has permission to work in Venezuela. According to statistics on the website Dicom, the system has already registered more than 580 thousand people.

According to the Vice-President Tarek al-Aissami (Tareck El Aissami), cryptocurrency petro will be sold through auction to private companies:

«Petro will be a strong international currency and stronger dollar. Buy petro will be for any hard currency, and by March 20, banks will be able to buy it at a discount».

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela is provided by the fact that the national currency depreciates catastrophic and it is difficult to buy even basic goods. Due to the low electricity tariffs in the country is rapidly growing mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The authorities tried to fight the miners, but after the emergence of plans for a national cryptocurrency calmed down and ordered them to register and pay taxes.

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