Venezuela thanked trump for advertising cryptocurrency Petro

According to the Executive Secretary of the Venezuelan Observatory of blockchain Daniel peña (Daniel Peña), introduced by Donald trump ban on any operations with cryptocurrency Petro (PTR) became her free advertising, and so effective that the number of interested investors has doubled.

Last month, the US President, Donald trump has signed an Executive order in which citizens are prohibited from any transactions with the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela.

However, Daniel peña believes that if such a busy man like trump, engaged in Petro, Venezuela on the right track. Moreover, trump has caused a growing interest in Petro worldwide, including in the United States. For example, if prior to the ban trump was about 400 buyers of cryptocurrencies in the day, now the number has jumped to 800.

Still, the experts pay attention to the alleged inconsistencies of the data. For example, last month, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) said that pre-sales Petro has exceeded $ 5 billion. However, the price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil, which according to the President ensures that each token is $ 60. If you take into account that in total sold 38.4 million tokens, it becomes obvious that the resulting figure is more than two times different from the stated Maduro.

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