Venezuela urges citizens to mine cryptocurrency

Venezuela called on its citizens to create a farm for mining cryptocurrency across the country. The government has developed a program of cryptocurrency mining, which President Nicolas Maduro hopes to attract at least a million people — University students, the unemployed, single mothers and the homeless. Maduro said that young people need to be «brave» and create a «cryptocurrency for the farm throughout Venezuela,» reports Telesur.

This program is called «Plan Chamba Juvenil Digital» («Digital youth employment»). Registration for participation in the program opens on 15 April and the government hopes that «it will attract at least a million students.» Maduro wrote on Twitter:

«Young people, attention! …Today there is a Chamba Juvenil Digital, to enable young people to create farms which can produce world of cryptocurrency. Because Venezuela does not surrender!».

The head of state said: «the Program was designed to help enable young people, including University students, the unemployed, single mothers and the homeless, in working life. It is expected that it will also provide employment opportunities to recent graduates.»

The Minister of youth Affairs of Venezuela Pedro Infante (Pedro Infante) said at a press conference last Thursday that will be built 24 mining farm for instruction in the mining of cryptocurrencies. The Minister also said that the government allocated 96 billion bolivars (~2.9 million) to create these farms. Infante said that young people constitute 60% of the Venezuelan population and 879 000 of them are unemployed.

In February of this year, the Venezuelan government opened
school for the education of the citizens of cryptoamnesia. According to local publications, Venezolana de Industria Tecnológica (VIT) will establish a mining farm throughout Venezuela. According to Maduro, it is necessary to increase the use of cryptocurrency in the framework of an economic revolution for the democratization of the international financial system. Planned mining not only the state of cryptocurrency Petro, but of the ether, bitcoin and other coins.

Presale Petro started
February 20 and according to Maduro on the first day Venezuela sold
tokens to 735 million dollars, and began to introduce them to the real turnover of the state. In the beginning of the month it became known that Venezuela plans to sell Petro via their own exchange Dicom.

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